About Northbrook Cares

About Northbrook Cares

Northbrook Cares is a project created and managed by the Village of Northbrook's Community Relations Commission with the goal of connecting teens, young adults and their families in need with local social services that can assist. The project focuses on partnering with agencies to promote their services and help those in need access them as quickly as possible.

How Can We Partner?

However you would like! Northbrook Cares is happy to promote seminars or other events and include your contact information on our resource directories. Northbrook Cares is entirely dedicated to helping connect agencies and those who need them and can work with you on how to structure information sharing and promotion.

How Can I Submit An Event or Change In Contact Information?

Use our forms here and the project will follow up shortly to make the changes.

Who Should I Contact with Questions?

Please contact the Community Relations Commission's Staff Liaison Erik Jensen at erik.jensen@northbrook.il.us.